How Invoice Discounting Works [Infographic]

Are you one of the thousands of companies in the world that have significant amounts of money owed to you in outstanding invoices?

If so, invoice discounting may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

The benefits of invoice discounting are plentiful. Among other things, invoice discounting can improve your working capital position by unlocking huge amounts of cash that can be put back into your business.

Find out how it works in our new infographic:


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Here’s a rundown of the main stats in the infographic…

  • British SMEs are owed around £67.4 billion in unpaid invoices
  • Even Britain’s largest businesses turning over £500 million+ typically face a 48 day wait to be paid
  • Companies in Europe have written off €360 billion in late or unpaid debt
  • 82% of business failures are due to poor cashflow
  • 90% of EMEA companies don’t have a transparent view into their cash flow