1. What We Provide
  2. Why Gii
  3. How we work
Flexible Finance For Flexible Business
  • Cost efficient short-term finance
  • Support for businesses, public sector and non-profit organisations
  • Funding through institutional investors
  • Secure and confidential service

We bring the benefits of a comprehensive range of trade finance products to both corporates and SMEs in all business sectors.

We provide businesses with access to funding programmes aimed at:

  • supporting business growth by enhancing cash management
  • achieving meaningful improvements in working capital

Our pricing is transparent and competitive.

Our service is backed by a strong legal framework, protecting both our clients and our funders.

Why Trade Finance?

Trade finance is a really efficient source of business finance.

You only pay for what you use - the level of your financing is directly linked to your immediate business needs

Powerful tool in working capital management – helping improve cash flow, reduce working capital and support business growth

Helps simplify cash management processes - particularly those supporting overseas operations

Often cheaper than other sources of business lending - as well as being complimentary to existing funding sources

Our Service

  • Access to a network of bank and non-bank institutional investors - providing our clients with the security and scale of lending required to meet their global trade finance needs.
  • Highly secure online platform giving complete visibility and control over trade finance activities.
  • Advisory services to optimise cash management processes and funding options.

Our service works well together with other forms of business finance, as part of a balanced borrowing strategy, and does not necessitate changes to your existing banking or financing relationships.

Who we Support

We can support qualifying organizations from any OECD member or partner country, as well as qualifying organizations in many other countries.

  • Corporate – all business sectors from large corporate to SME
  • Public Sector
  • Non-profit

Minimum Requirements

  • Annual revenue, or other income, of at least $5M equivalent
  • At least 3 years in operation
  • Pass the financial and anti-fraud qualification process required by our funders

We cannot support sole traders or organizations that have entered into administration or liquidation.

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Giving you the confidence to invest and expand, whilst reducing the cash needed to run your business
  • Transparent, competitive pricing
  • Multi-lender network
  • Strong legal framework
  • Cloud based, highly secure platform
  • Global Reach

Service Scope

Funding Programmes

Focus on funding programmes, rather than single invoice financing, supports our clients in realising significant, structural working capital improvements

Global Reach

Multi-currency and multi-jurisdictional lending, to support you wherever you need to do business

Support non-recourse as well as recourse lending

No debentures or director’s guarantees

The flexibility of a full range of trade finance products.

We support self-funded and partially self-funded models for our buyer products

Higher invoice values and longer-term financing relationships reduce the financing risk for our funders, enabling them to offer you the most competitive financing rates now, and to keep those rates competitive over time.

Services Features

We are a full service provider, actively supporting you through the on-boarding and funding processes, and in all the day-to-day administration necessary to make the most of your trade finance programme.

Our multi-funder platform enables clients to easily expand their funding facility to match business growth, avoiding single lender lock-ins and the problems that occur if a lender suddenly reduces or withdraws financing facilities.

Our legal framework aims to create a “true sale” of your invoice obligations to our funders. Subject to your local accounting rules, this allows you to reduce your receivables book and strengthen your company balance sheet and income statement.

We have a user friendly, highly secure, cloud-based service - so no need for expensive or time-consuming IT projects. We can have you up and running in a matter of days.

  • Real-time trading statements, trading reports and easy data extraction to support analysis.
  • Bank integration to support payment settlement.
  • E-invoice aggregator integration to enable invoices to be interfaced from your existing service provider.

Strong Delivery Partners

We are supported by market leading partners, with global vision and global reach.

Through our delivery partners, we are able to offer the following services:

  • Interfacing and connectivity
  • E-invoicing and document scanning
  • Financial analytics
  • Accounts Receivable management and collection
  • Credit insurance
  • Banking and Trust
  • Legal services

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We aim to get you the finance your business needs quickly and with the minimum of fuss
  • Registration Process
  • On-boarding
  • Going Live

Registration Process

Once you have registered your interest, we will send you a registration form covering:

  • Some basic information about your company, such as business sector, location and some key financial information.
  • An indication of the type and amount of funding you are looking for (if this is not known, we are happy to work with you to define a funding plan).
  • A nominated contact person.
  • It is possible that our funders will ask for supplementary information. If this is the case, we will let you know.

    All information you provide is treated in strict confidence, and will not be shared with potential funders without your explicit permission.

    Registration does not create any obligation on your part to enter into a funding arrangement through Gii.


Once you have completed our registration form, we will contact you to discuss your funding needs in more detail, before approaching funders on our network for a competitive funding offer.

At such time as you wish to proceed with a funding offer, we will work with you to complete our network contract and finalise the formal funding agreement.

We will also arrange to connect your invoice data to the Gii network – either via our invoice upload facility, a simple “flat file” or your preferred e-invoice network. And, if required, we will interface directly with your accounting system.

The on-boarding process will also involve setting up bank instructions to enable the payment flows between you, your customers/suppliers and our funders. We will support you in completing these instructions and any Know You Customer (KYC) procedures required by the bank.

If your selected product requires it, we will also on-board your business partners to the Gii network and make arrangements to take over credit management and collection processes.

Going Live

Once the onboarding process is complete, and your invoice data is available for presentation to the funder, your trading account will be activated.

Gii will manage all trading interactions between you, the funder and any customers or suppliers linked to your funding agreement.

Any review or approval activities you need to undertake, prior to invoices being funded, can be managed through our online platform. You will also have online access to trading statements and trading reports. Advanced trading analytics can be provided as an extra service.

We will provide ongoing support to ensure that your funding through Gii remains competitive and suited to your business needs.

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